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CDV750 Dosemeter Charger & Bendix Dosemeters

The Dosemeter was a wearable device that recorded the total radiation that the wearer was exposed to between charges.  There was the CDV730, CDV740, and CDV740.  

The 750 Dosemeter Charger was made by several companies and were all identical.  To charge the Dosemeters you would place the charge end of the device into the the charging receptacle on the charger and press down while viewing through the lens on the other end.  Pressing lightly would light the device.  Pressing harder would activate the charger and the Dosemeter would then be zeroed by adjusting the knob on the right.  After being zeroed the device could then record how much radiation it was exposed to and could be checked periodically by looking through the lens at a light source.  Personnel that had been exposed to excessive radiation would then have to stay in an area of low radiation.

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