Victoreen Instrument Co.

CDV 717   model 1a   1964



High range instrument - .02 500 R/hr. ~ Radiation Detector ioniziaton chamber ~ Batteries 1 D cell ~ I subminiature triode vacuum tube, 1 transistor ~ Controls range switch circuit test, off, 0 - .5, 0 5, 0 50, 0 500 R/hr. meter zero control ~ Yellow metal case with 3 parts.  Bottom part contains ionization chamber with a 20 ft. roll of high voltage ion chamber connection wire to allow remote radiation monitoring.

This instrument is identical to the CDV715 except for the remote detector.  The manual suggests placing the ion chamber in a plastic bag to prevent contamination.

I tried to show all of this meter's 3 parts.  Click on a picture to enlarge.

These are 3 files you need to repair this instrument.  There is a circuit board assembly diagram, an exploded view, and a schematic diagram to which I have added the voltages measured from a working meter at rest but on.  This file,  , Has large jpeg files to include details and must be opened in a graphics program to print them out.

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