Lionel Electronics Laboratories Inc.

CDV 700   model 6b   1963


Low Range instrument 0 50 mr/hr. ~ Radiation Detector Geiger tube ~ Batteries 2D cells ~ 3 transistors ~ Controls range switch 0 - .5 mr/hr., 0 5 mrhr., 0- 50 mrhr. ~ Yellow metal case with probe.

Only 2 "D" cells makes this the lightest of the CDV700s.  The Lionel Co. is the same Lionel that made model trains.

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Make a copy of the original owner's manual.  Download the zip file: and after unzipping the file open all the jpegs in a graphics program such as Photoshop.  Each picture will be 2 pages (Starting with the center page of 8-9).  Print 8-9 then 6-11 then 4-13 then 2-15.  Then print 7-10 flip on the back of 8-9, 5-12flip on the back of 6-11 and so forth.  However you print it 7 has to be on the back of 8 and so forth.  There is a horizontal flip version of each file in case a page is upside down but the method I described produced a booklet identical to the original.  HAVE FUN!

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