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CDV 700   model 3   mid 50s


Low Range instrument 0 50 mr/hr. ~ Radiation Detector Geiger tube ~ Batteries 2 D cells, 3 - 45v B cells ~ 4 subminiature vacuum tubes ~ Controls range switch 0 - .5 mr/hr., 0 5 mrhr., 0- 50 mrhr. ~ Yellow metal case with probe.

This really neat looking meter works but I had to test it with 9v batteries clipped together because the 3 45v batteries it uses are too expensive.  I might, later on, build a small solid state power supply for it but that is in the future.  {Note that the test source is on the bottom of the case.}

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CDV-700 model 3 owners manual

The pages will each print out on a standard sheet of 8x11 paper (right click on the picture after you click to enlarge and save it to your computer).

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After viewing the circuit diagram I was disappointed with the quality of the picture.  Since I used the highest quality jpeg there is only one way to get better resolution.  The above pictures are 72dpi.  I will make available the original scan pictures at 200dpi.  Download the file, , and open the files in a graphics program to print them out.

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